XamlMember.IsDirective Property


Gets a value that indicates whether this XamlMember is a XAML directive.

 property bool IsDirective { bool get(); };
public bool IsDirective { get; }
member this.IsDirective : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsDirective As Boolean

Property Value

true if this XamlMember is a XAML directive; otherwise, false.


The IsDirective value is initialized based on which constructor was used to construct a XamlMember. The base XamlMember constructors initialize so that IsDirective is false. However, the XamlDirective class (a XamlMember derived class) initializes so that IsDirective is true.

If you want to report IsDirective as true to callers of a custom XAML schema class for XAML members, make sure you derive from XamlDirective because that is the only way to enable that behavior.

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