XDeclaration XDeclaration XDeclaration XDeclaration Class


Represents an XML declaration.

public ref class XDeclaration
public class XDeclaration
type XDeclaration = class
Public Class XDeclaration


An XML declaration is used to declare the XML version, the encoding, and whether or not the XML document is standalone. This class represents the XML concept of an XML declaration.

Just as in the XML standard, declarations are associated with a document. When you create a document, you have the option to specify the declaration for the document. The XDocument class contains the Declaration property, which allows you to set or get the declaration. For information about how to serialize an XML tree with an XML declaration, see Serializing with an XML Declaration.


XDeclaration(String, String, String) XDeclaration(String, String, String) XDeclaration(String, String, String) XDeclaration(String, String, String)

Initializes a new instance of the XDeclaration class with the specified version, encoding, and standalone status.

XDeclaration(XDeclaration) XDeclaration(XDeclaration) XDeclaration(XDeclaration) XDeclaration(XDeclaration)

Initializes a new instance of the XDeclaration class from another XDeclaration object.


Encoding Encoding Encoding Encoding

Gets or sets the encoding for this document.

Standalone Standalone Standalone Standalone

Gets or sets the standalone property for this document.

Version Version Version Version

Gets or sets the version property for this document.


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Provides the declaration as a formatted string.

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