WriteState Enum


Specifies the state of the XmlWriter.

public enum class WriteState
public enum WriteState
type WriteState = 
Public Enum WriteState


Attribute 3

Indicates that an attribute value is being written.

Closed 5

Indicates that the Close() method has been called.

Content 4

Indicates that element content is being written.

Element 2

Indicates that an element start tag is being written.

Error 6

An exception has been thrown, which has left the XmlWriter in an invalid state. You can call the Close() method to put the XmlWriter in the Closed state. Any other XmlWriter method calls results in an InvalidOperationException.

This field was added in .NET Framework 2.0.

Prolog 1

Indicates that the prolog is being written.

Start 0

Indicates that a Write method has not yet been called.

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