UIEdgeInsets UIEdgeInsets Struct


Edge insets, used to reduce or expand rectangles.

public struct UIEdgeInsets
type UIEdgeInsets = struct


UIEdgeInsets(nfloat, nfloat, nfloat, nfloat) UIEdgeInsets(nfloat, nfloat, nfloat, nfloat)

Public constructor.


Bottom Bottom

Bottom value.

Left Left

Left value.

Right Right

Right value.

Top Top

Top value.

Zero Zero

An instance with all of the UIEdgeInsets parameters set to zero.


Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Whether this is equivalent to the obj.

Equals(UIEdgeInsets) Equals(UIEdgeInsets)

Whether this is equivalent to other.

FromString(String) FromString(String)

Creates an edge inset from a string representation.

GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

The hash for this UIEdgeInsets.

InsetRect(CGRect) InsetRect(CGRect)

Adjusts a rectangle by the given edge insets.

ToString() ToString()

Returns a human-readable version of the UIEdgeInset properties, for debugging.


Equality(UIEdgeInsets, UIEdgeInsets) Equality(UIEdgeInsets, UIEdgeInsets)

Returns true if the insets contain equal values. Otherwise, returns false.

Inequality(UIEdgeInsets, UIEdgeInsets) Inequality(UIEdgeInsets, UIEdgeInsets)

Returns true if the insets contain different values. Otherwise, returns false.

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