Point Point Struct


Struct defining a 2-D point as a pair of doubles.

[System.Diagnostics.DebuggerDisplay("X={X}, Y={Y}")]
public struct Point
type Point = struct


Point(Size) Point(Size)

Creates a new Point object that has coordinates that are specified by the width and height of sz, in that order.

Point(Double, Double) Point(Double, Double)

Creates a new Point object that represents the point (x,y).


Zero Zero

The Point at {0,0}.


IsEmpty IsEmpty

Whether both X and Y are 0.


Location along the horizontal axis.


Location along the vertical axis.


Deconstruct(Double, Double) Deconstruct(Double, Double)

Stores the components of the point in the corresponding arguments.

Distance(Point) Distance(Point)

Calculates the distance between two points.

Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Returns true if the X and Y values of this are exactly equal to those in the argument.

GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Returns a hash value for the Point.

Offset(Double, Double) Offset(Double, Double)

Returns a new Point that translates the current Point by dx and dy.

Round() Round()

Returns a new Point whose X and Y have been rounded to the nearest integral value.

ToString() ToString()

A human-readable representation of the Point.


Addition(Point, Size) Addition(Point, Size)

Returns a new Point by adding a Size to a Point.

Equality(Point, Point) Equality(Point, Point)

Whether the two Points are equal.

Explicit(Point to Size) Explicit(Point to Size)

Returns a new Size whose Width and Height and equivalent to the pt's X and Y properties.

Inequality(Point, Point) Inequality(Point, Point)

Whether two points are not equal.

Subtraction(Point, Size) Subtraction(Point, Size)

Returns a new Point by subtracting a Size from a Point.

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