Thickness Thickness Struct


Struct defining thickness around the edges of a Rectangle using doubles.

[System.Diagnostics.DebuggerDisplay("Left={Left}, Top={Top}, Right={Right}, Bottom={Bottom}, HorizontalThickness={HorizontalThickness}, VerticalThickness={VerticalThickness}")]
public struct Thickness
type Thickness = struct


Thickness(Double) Thickness(Double)

Creates a new Thickness object that represents a uniform thickness of size uniformSize.

Thickness(Double, Double) Thickness(Double, Double)

Creates a new Thickness object that has a horizontal thickness of horizontalSize and a vertical thickness of verticalSize.

Thickness(Double, Double, Double, Double) Thickness(Double, Double, Double, Double)

Creates a new Thickness object with thicknesses defined by left, top, right, and bottom.


Bottom Bottom

The thickness of the bottom of a rectangle.

HorizontalThickness HorizontalThickness

The sum of Left and Right.

Left Left

The thickness of the left side of a rectangle.

Right Right

The thickness of the right side of a rectangle.

Top Top

The thickness of the top of a rectangle.

VerticalThickness VerticalThickness

The sum of Top and Bottom.


Deconstruct(Double, Double, Double, Double) Deconstruct(Double, Double, Double, Double)

Stores the components of the thickness in the corresponding arguments.

Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Whether the obj is a Thickness with equivalent values.

GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

A has value for this Thickness.


Equality(Thickness, Thickness) Equality(Thickness, Thickness)

Whether two Thicknesses have identical values.

Implicit(Double to Thickness) Implicit(Double to Thickness)

Implicit cast operator from Double.

Implicit(Size to Thickness) Implicit(Size to Thickness)

Converts a Size into a Thickness.

Inequality(Thickness, Thickness) Inequality(Thickness, Thickness)

Whether the values of two Thickness's have at least one difference.

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