~ Operator (C# Reference)

The ~ operator performs a bitwise complement operation on its operand, which has the effect of reversing each bit. Bitwise complement operators are predefined for int, uint, long, and ulong.


The ~ symbol also is used to declare finalizers. For more information, see Finalizers.


User-defined types can overload the ~ operator. For more information, see operator. Operations on integral types are generally allowed on enumeration.


class BWC
    static void Main()
        int[] values = { 0, 0x111, 0xfffff, 0x8888, 0x22000022 };
        foreach (int v in values)
            Console.WriteLine("~0x{0:x8} = 0x{1:x8}", v, ~v);
~0x00000000 = 0xffffffff
~0x00000111 = 0xfffffeee
~0x000fffff = 0xfff00000
~0x00008888 = 0xffff7777
~0x22000022 = 0xddffffdd

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