This section contains samples that deal with custom extensibility and other features of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

In This Section

Channels Extensibility
Demonstrates custom channels.

Discovery Extensibility
Demonstrates custom discovery.

Instancing Extensibility
Demonstrates custom extensibility.

Interop Extensibility
Demonstrates custom interoperability.

Message Encoder Extensibility
Demonstrates custom message encoding.

Metadata Extensibility
Demonstrates custom metadata.

Security Extensibility
Demonstrates custom security.

Syndication Extensibility Samples
Demonstrates custom syndication.

Transport Extensibility
Demonstrates custom transports.

Operation Formatter and Operation Selector
Demonstrates how extensibility points can consume custom message data formats.

Custom Message Filter
demonstrates how to replace the message filters that Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) uses to dispatch messages to endpoints.

Custom Service Host
Demonstrates how to use a custom derivative of the ServiceHost class to alter the run-time behavior of a service.

DataContract Surrogate
Demonstrates how processes like serialization, deserialization, schema export, and schema import can be customized using a data contract surrogate class.

Extending Control Over Error Handling and Reporting
Demonstrates how to extend control over error handling and error reporting in a WCF service using the IErrorHandler interface.

Message Inspectors
Demonstrates how to implement and configure client and service message inspectors.

Demonstrates how to map new content types to WCF message body formats.