Additional resources

The following web sites provide guidance and can help you find answers to common problems.

Microsoft resources

On the web

Term Definition
Visual Basic .NET Language Design Official repository on GitHub for Visual Basic .NET language design.
Microsoft Visual Basic Team Blog Provides access to the Visual Basic team blog.

Code samples

Term Definition
Code Gallery Download and share sample applications and other resources with the developer community.
Visual Basic documentation samples Contains the samples used throughout the Visual Basic and .NET documentation.


Term Definition
Visual Basic Forums Discusses general Visual Basic issues.

Videos and webcasts

Term Definition
Channel9 Provides continuous community through videos, Wikis, and forums.


Term Definition
Microsoft Support Provides access to Knowledge Base (KB) articles, downloads and updates, support webcasts, and other services.
Visual Studio Questions Enables you to file bugs or provide suggestions to Microsoft about .NET and Visual Studio. You can also report a bug by selecting Help > Send Feedback > Report a Problem in Visual Studio.

Third-party resources

Term Definition
VBForums Provides a forum to discuss Visual Basic, .NET, and more.
vbCity A community site for people to learn and ask questions about Visual Basic and .NET.
Stack Overflow Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for developers.

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