Getting started with Visual Basic

This section of the documentation helps you get started with Visual Basic application development.

In this section

What's new for Visual Basic
Lists new features in each of the versions of Visual Basic .NET.

Visual Basic Breaking Changes in Visual Studio
Lists changes in this release that might prevent an application from compiling or change its run-time behavior.

Additional Resources for Visual Basic Programmers
Provides a list of Web sites and newsgroups that can help you find answers to common problems.

Learn Visual Basic
Provides links to resources for learning how to program in Visual Basic.

Get Visual Basic
Provides download links for Visual Studio versions that include Visual basic support, including free versions.

Object-Oriented Programming
Provides links to pages that introduce object-oriented programming and describe how to create your own objects and how to use objects to simplify your coding.

Provides links to sample code in Visual Basic.

Provides a list of Help pages that demonstrate aspects of the Visual Basic language.

Talk to Us
Covers how to receive support and give feedback.

Visual Studio
Provides links into the Visual Studio documentation.

Provides links into the documentation on application development with Visual C#.

Visual C++
Provides links into the Visual C++ documentation.

Office and SharePoint Development
Provides information about using Microsoft Office and Visual Studio as part of a business application.