#Const Directive

Defines conditional compiler constants for Visual Basic.


#Const constname = expression  


Required. Name of the constant being defined.

Required. Literal, other conditional compiler constant, or any combination that includes any or all arithmetic or logical operators except Is.


Conditional compiler constants are always private to the file in which they appear. You cannot create public compiler constants using the #Const directive; you can create them only in the user interface or with the /define compiler option.

You can use only conditional compiler constants and literals in expression. Using a standard constant defined with Const causes an error. Conversely, you can use constants defined with the #Const keyword only for conditional compilation. Constants can also be undefined, in which case they have a value of Nothing.


This example uses the #Const directive.

#Const MyLocation = "USA"
#Const Version = "8.0.0012"
#Const CustomerNumber = 36

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