salesCreditMemoLines resource type

Represents a line on a sales credit memo line in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


For information about enabling APIs for Dynamics NAV see Enabling the APIs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Method Return Type Description
GET salesCreditMemoLines salesCreditMemoLines Gets a sales credit memo line object.
POST salesCreditMemoLines salesCreditMemoLines Creates a sales credit memo line object.
PATCH salesCreditMemoLines salesCreditMemoLines Updates a sales credit memo line object.
DELETE salesCreditMemoLines none Deletes a sales credit memo line object.


Property Type Description
documentId GUID The ID of the parent credit memo.
sequence numeric The line sequence number.
itemId GUID The Id of the item in the credit memo line.
accountId GUID The Id of the Account that will be used for this line. lineType will automatically be set to "Account" if this is set.
lineType string The type of the line. Can be Comment,Account,Item,Resource,Fixed Asset,Charge
lineDetails complex The details of the line.
description string A description of the item in the credit memo line.
unitOfMeasureId GUID The unit of measure for the credit memo line.
unitOfMeasure NAV.UnitOfMeasure The unit of measure complex type.
quantity numeric The quantity of the item in the credit memo line.
unitPrice numeric The unit price of each individual item in the credit memo line.
discountAmount numeric The line discount amount.
discountPercent numeric The line discount percent.
discountAppliedBeforeTax boolean Specified if the discount is applied before tax. Read-Only.
amountExcludingTax numeric The line amount excluding the tax. Read-Only.
taxCode string The tax code for the line.
taxPercent numeric The tax percent for the line. Read-Only.
totalTaxAmount numeric The total tax amount for the line. Read-Only.
amountIncludingTax numeric The total amount for the line including tax. Read-Only.
invoiceDiscountAllocation numeric The credit memo discount allocation is the credit memo discount distributed on the total amount. Read-Only.
netAmount numeric The net amount is the amount including all discounts (taken from credit memo header). Read-Only.
netTaxAmount numeric The net tax amount is the tax amount calculated from net amount. Read-Only.
netAmountIncludingTax numeric The net amount including tax is the total net amount including tax. Read-Only.
shipmentDate date The date the item in the line is expected to ship.


A Sales Credit Memo (documentId) must exist in the Sales Credit Memos table.

An Item (itemId) must exist in the Item table.

An Account (accountId) must exist in the Accounts table.

A Unit of Measure (unitOfMeasure) must exist in the Unit of Measure table.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "value": [
      "documentId": "GUID",
      "sequence": "decimal",
      "itemId": "GUID",
      "accountId": "GUID",
      "lineType": "string",
      "lineDetails": {NAV.documentLineObjectDetails},
      "description": "string",
      "unitOfMeasureId": "GUID",
      "unitOfMeasure": {NAV.UnitOfMeasure},
      "unitPrice": "decimal",
      "quantity": "decimal",
      "discountAmount": "decimal",
      "discountPercent": "decimal",
      "discountAppliedBeforeTax": "boolean",
      "amountExcludingTax": "decimal",
      "taxCode": "string",
      "taxPercent": "decimal",
      "totalTaxAmount": "decimal",
      "amountIncludingTax": "decimal",
      "invoiceDiscountAllocation": "decimal",
      "netAmount": "decimal",
      "netTaxAmount": "decimal",
      "netAmountIncludingTax": "decimal",
      "shipmentDate": "Date"

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