RESET Function (RecordRef)

Removes all filters, including any special filters set by the MARKEDONLY Function (Record) and changes the current key to the primary key. Also removes any marks on the record and clears any C/AL variables on the record.




Type: RecordRef

Refers to the record that you want to reset.


If no table is selected, this function returns an error.

This function works the same as the RESET Function (Record).


The following example opens the Customer (18) table and creates a RecordRef variable that is named RecRef. The GETFILTERS Function (RecordRef) gets filters that have been applied to records in the table. The filters that are returned, if any, are stored in the Filters1 variable and displayed in message box. In this example, no filters are set so the message is blank. The SETRECFILTER Function (RecordRef) sets a filter on the current key of the current record that is represented by the RecRef variable. The GETFILTERS Function (RecordRef) gets the filters that have been set and stores the value in the Filters2 variable. The message displays No. because the No. field is set as a filter. The RESET function removes the filter that was set. The value of the filter that is returned by the GETFILTERS Function (RecordRef) after the RESET Function (RECORDREF) is executed is stored in the Filters3 variable. Filter3 is blank because the filter that was set by RecRef.SETRECFILTER; is removed by the RESET function. This example requires that create the following variables text constants in the C/AL Globals window.

Variable name DataType
RecRef RecordRef
Filters1 Text
Filters2 Text
Filters3 Text
Text constant name DataType ENU value
Text000 Text Filter before filter is set is: %1.
Text001 Text Filter after filter is set is: %1.
Text002 Text Filter after filter is reset is: %1.

Filters1 := RecRef.GETFILTERS;  
MESSAGE(Text000, Filters1);  
Filters2 := RecRef.GETFILTERS;  
MESSAGE(Text001, Filters2);  
Filters3 := RecRef.GETFILTERS;  
MESSAGE(Text002, Filters3);  

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