Table Metadata Virtual Table

The Table Metadata virtual table (ID 2000000136) contains data about the tables in database. The following table describes the fields in the Table Metadata virtual table.

Field Description
ID The ID for the table object.
Name Specifies the name of the table object.
Caption Specifies the caption of the table in the language that has been selected.
DataPerCompany Sets whether the table data applies to only the current company (No) or all companies (Yes) in the database.
LookupPageID Specifies the ID of the page that is used for lookup.
DrillDownPageID Specifies the ID of the page that is used for drill down.
PasteIsValid Specifies whether inserting records into this table using the paste command is enabled.
LinkedObject Specifies whether to link to SQL Server objects.
DataIsExternal Specifies whether the data is from an external table which means that the data is not managed by Dynamics NAV.

DataIsExternal is set if the LinkedObject Property is set to Yes or the TableType Property is set to 365 for Sales or ExternalSQL .
TableType Specifies whether the table type is Normal, 365 for Sales, or ExternalSQL.
ExternalName Specifies the name of the original table in the external database.
ObsoleteState Marks whether the table is or will become obsolete (deprecated).
ObsoleteReason Specifies why a table has been marked as Pending or Obsolete in the ObsoleteState property.
DataClassification Specifies the classification of data in the table.

Except for the DataIsExternal field, the fields in the virtual table correspond directly to C/AL properties on the table objects. For more information, see Table Properties.

To access and view the Table Metadata virtual table, you must create a tabular-type page. For more information, see How to: Create a Page to View a Virtual Table

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