Automation and adaptive sequences


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Business value

Today, sellers are required to check the customer status and accordingly decide on the next task to perform, create a new email task, edit the email with the relevant information, send it to the customer and wait for a response. This process can be automated and will require explicit action from the seller when needed, so they are able to spend their spare time closing other business opportunities.

Feature details

Sequence automation: Execute activities automatically without requiring seller intervention, such as automatically sending emails when email activity is the next step in the sequence.

  • Adding email automation support.
  • Personalization email template to send from the seller account.

Sequence forks: Reactive sequences that can smartly pick the next step based on external or internal triggers.

Sequence listener:

  • Adding listener for email engagement: email open, email link click, attachment viewed, and sentiment.
  • Adding listener for phone or meeting conversation: sentiment, keyword, competitor, mentioned, and more.


This feature is available in Unified Interface only.

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