Automatically route leads to the right sellers to improve lead qualification outcomes


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - - Jan 2022

Business value

Responding quickly to incoming leads can make or break a deal, particularly in highly competitive markets. The more mature a business gets, and the more complex the prospective customer’s needs are, the more challenging it is to maintain that speedy response and personalized touch.

Quickly growing businesses require more sophisticated automation to ensure operational efficiency, proper distribution of leads among their sales team, and to make sure no leads slip through the cracks. The functionality will improve lead conversion ratios due to timely lead assignment and faster lead qualification times.

Feature details

This feature covers following functionalities:

  • Define rules for automatic assignment. The following components are included:
    • Segments: This is a group of leads that can be assigned to the rule.
    • Lead attribute: Lead attributes that need to be considered should be maintained here.
    • Seller attribute: The attributes and skills of the sellers that need to be evaluated for lead distribution should be mentioned in the rule.
    • Distribution method: Lead can be distributed either through round robin or load balancing methods.
  • Ability to define seller attributes and assign to the seller: Seller attributes can be specifically defined for lead routing.
  • Create segments: Create segment for the assignment rules.
  • Maintain sales team and capacity: The user can maintain the sellers who would receive the leads. The capacity of the sellers can also be used, which would be taken into consideration when distributing the leads.