Connecting to Your Business Central Data to Build a Business App Using PowerApps

You can make your Business Central data available as a data source in PowerApps.


You must have a valid account with Business Central and with PowerApps.

To add Business Central as a data source in PowerApps

  1. In your browser, navigate to, and then sign in.

  2. On the Home page, choose the Start from data template to create a new canvas app. This app will be designed for use on a mobile device, but you can also choose to use another template.

    The next step to create a PowerApp is to select your data. Choose the Arrow icon then choose the New connection option in the upper left side of the page.

  3. In the list of available connections, choose Business Central, and then choose the Create button.

    PowerApps will connect to your Business Central using the credentials that you are signed in with. If you are not an administrator of your Business Central, you may have to sign in with another account.

  4. If you have more than one company in your Business Central, you must choose the company to connect to. Then, PowerApps displays a list of tables that are available from Business Central. These so-called tables are part of the Business Central API. You do not have to configure the end points yourself - the Business Central connector for PowerApps does it for you.

    If you want to include data from other tables in Business Central in your app, then you must work with a developer to define a custom API in Business Central and then consume that custom API through a custom connector in PowerApps. For more information, see Create a custom connector from scratch.

At this point, you have successfully connected to your Business Central data and are ready to begin building your PowerApp. You can add additional screens and connect to additional data from your Business Central. For more information, see Create a canvas app from a template in PowerApps.

When you have designed and built your app, you can share it with your colleagues. For more information, see Save and publish a canvas app in PowerApps.


If you want to connect to Business Central on-premises, then you must choose the Business Central (on-premises) connector in step 3.

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