Using Application Family in Embed App

Business Central service is a part of rich ecosystem of surrounding applications and services. One of the prominent Embed App capabilities is to promote and use the ISV brand in various places of the overall service experience.

During onboarding, the ISV provides the application family name. The application family helps identify their solution among other Business Central apps and Embed App's of other ISVs.

The following table describes different aspects of using the application family when interacting with Business Central components and surrounding services.

Area How to use with the Embed application family Additional details
Business Central Web client Use the application family in the URL:

[application family]
Web Client URL
Business Central web services Use the application family in the URL:

[application family]
Introduction to automation APIs
Business Central mobile app Use the application family in the URL:

ms-businesscentral://[application family]
Getting Business Central on Your Mobile Device
Business Central administration center Application family is displayed for each environment The Business Central Administration Center
In-code URL generation (GETURL) GETURL returns the branded endpoint, including the application family. GetUrl Method
Development endpoint for Visual Studio Code To publish and debug apps in a Sandbox environment, use the "applicationFamily" property in the launch.json file JSON Files
Microsoft AppSource To install AppSource apps, use the branded URL with the following parameters:

https://[application family][APP ID]%27&page=2503
Installing apps by selecting a direct app link in AppSource (for example, "Get it now" or "Free trial") isn't supported. This action redirects to the standard Business Central URL.
Microsoft Power BI Supported for connecting to the environment data from Power BI and embedding Power BI pages in the Business Central Web client. Enabling Your Business Data for Power BI
Outlook Add-in  Not supported Using Business Central as your Business Inbox in Outlook
Excel Add-in Supported Setting up the Excel Add-In for Editing Business Central Data
CDS integration  Supported Integrating with Common Data Service
Power Automate, Power Apps, Logic apps Business Central standard connector currently can't be used (support is coming soon). The ISV needs to build a custom connector. The custom connector is required anyway, also for the Business Central environments, if you want to include data from other tables that aren't included with the standard Business Central connector. Custom connector FAQ for Azure Logic Apps, Power Automate, and Power Apps
Cloud Migration Tool Supported Migrating On-Premises Data to Business Central Online

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