Datacenter regions

Applies to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.x

Dynamics 365 (online) is being hosted in datacenters in more and more regions. After Dynamics 365 (online) becomes available in a new region, the following apply:

  • For new Dynamics 365 (online) organizations, the datacenter will be aligned with the country/region you selected during sign-up.

  • For existing Dynamics 365 (online) organizations, Microsoft will soon accommodate migrations to datacenters in the new region when requested by the customer as long as the Dynamics 365 (online) organization meets certain business requirements.

The following table lists the newest datacenter regions. Checkout the interactive data map: Where is my data?

Datacenter regions Service area Information
Canada Canada About Microsoft Cloud Canada
Germany Germany About Microsoft Cloud Germany
India India About Microsoft Cloud India
Japan Japan About Microsoft Cloud Japan
Oceania Australia, New Zealand, Fiji About Microsoft Cloud Australia

Migration process

This is the overall process for migrating to a new datacenter.

Migration Process

Depending on the type of transition, you may be required to go through more steps.

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