Connect an Azure Synapse Analytics data source (preview)

Azure Synapse Analytics is an enterprise analytics service that accelerates time to insights across data warehouses and big data systems. Azure Synapse Analytics brings together the best of SQL technologies used in enterprise data warehousing, Spark technologies used for big data, Data Explorer for log and time series analytics, Pipelines for data integration and ETL/ELT, and deep integration with other Azure services such as Power BI, Cosmos DB, and AzureML.

For more information, see Azure Synapse overview.



Synapse Workspaces which have firewall enabled are currently not supported.


Make sure to set all role assignments as described.

In Customer Insights:

In Azure:

Connect to the data lake database in Azure Synapse Analytics

  1. Go to Data > Data sources.

  2. Select Add data source.

  3. Choose the Azure Synapse Analytics (Preview) method.

    Dialog box to connect to Synapse Analytics data

  4. Enter a Name for the data source and an optional Description.

  5. Choose an available connection to Azure Synapse Analytics or create a new one.

  6. Choose a Database from the workspace connected in the selected Azure Synapse Analytics connection and select Next. Currently, we only support the database type Lake database.

  7. Select the entities to ingest from the connected database and select Next.

  8. Optionally, choose the data entities to allow data profiling on.

  9. Select Save to apply your selection and start the ingestion of the data from your newly created data source linked to the Lake database tables in Azure Synapse Analytics. The Data sources page opens showing the new data source in Refreshing status.


    There are statuses for tasks and processes. Most processes depend on other upstream processes, such as data sources and data profiling refreshes.

    Select the status to open the Progress details pane and view the progress of the tasks. To cancel the job, select Cancel job at the bottom of the pane.

    Under each task, you can select See details for more progress information, such as processing time, the last processing date, and any applicable errors and warnings associated with the task or process. Select the View system status at the bottom of the panel to see other processes in the system.

Loading data can take time. After a successful refresh, the ingested data can be reviewed from the Entities page.