SUMIF ER function

The SUMIF function returns a Real value that represents the sum of values that were returned by bindings of format elements and collected when the format elements were used to generate an outbound document during the format run, and that satisfies the specified condition. The condition consists of a key range and a key value.


SUMIF (key name for summing, condition range, condition value)


key name for summing: String

A value that is returned by the expression that has been configured in the Collected data key name property of the Electronic reporting (ER) format component for which the value of the binding must be used for summing purposes.

The Collected data key value property can be configured for either a Sequence component or an XML Element component of an ER format that resides under the Common\File component where the Collect output details option is turned on.

Return values


The resulting numeric value.

Usage notes

This function returns a 0 (zero) value when the Collect output details option of the current Common\File component is turned off.

In the condition range argument, the wildcard character "*" can be used to represent any multiple characters.

In the condition value argument, the wildcard character "*" can be used to represent any multiple characters.


For more information about how to use this function, see the ER Use data of format output for counting and summing task guide, which is part of the Acquire/Develop IT service/solution components business process.

For more information and examples about using this function, see Defer the execution of sequence elements in ER formats and Defer the execution of XML elements in ER formats.

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