Custom Help Toolkit: The HtmlLocaleChanger tool

The Custom Help Toolkit includes the HtmlLocaleChanger tool, which can process HTML files that are generated by the HtmlFromRepoGenerator tool tool.

Use the HtmlLocaleChanger tool to align locales

The HtmlLocaleChanger tool can update your HTML files by setting a new value for the ms.locale property. For example, you have HTML files for German (Germany), and you want to make the same content available in German (Austria). In this case, you can run the tool to change the setting from ms.locale: de-de to ms.locale:de-at.

Here is the syntax for running HtmlLocaleChanger.exe.

HtmlLocaleChanger.exe --h <path> --l <locale> --v <true|false>

Here is an explanation of the parameters.

Parameter Description
h Specify the path of the HTML files to process.
l Specify the new locale for the HTML files.
v Set this parameter to true to turn on verbose logging. Otherwise, set it to false.


The following example changes the locale to de-at and turns on verbose logging.

HtmlLocaleChanger.exe --h D:\D365-Operations\d365F-O\supply-chain\de --l de-at --v

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