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The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources app in Microsoft Teams lets employees quickly request time off and view their time-off balance information in Microsoft Teams. Employees can interact with a bot to request information. The Time off tab provides more detailed information.

Human Resources Teams leaves app bot

Human Resources Teams leave app Time off tab

Install and setup

You can find the Human Resources app in the Teams store. For information about installing the Teams app, see Manage leave requests in Teams.

For information about managing app permissions in Teams, see Manage app permission policies in Microsoft Teams.

Known issues

Issue Status
The balance is incorrect when submitting time off for a future date. Forecasting isn't yet available. The balance displays for the current date.
When reducing the number of hours taken in an existing request, the Remaining balance goes down instead of up. We'll address this known issue in the future. The display is incorrect, but the correct amounts are adjusted upon submission.
Two Upcoming time off cards display for the same dates. The cards represent individual submissions. We'll continue to take feedback and make adjustments.
Unable to cancel an In review request. This functionality isn't currently supported and will be added in a future release.
Balance information is calculated as of today. The system currently doesn't display balances as of the accrual period, even if it's configured in Leave and absence parameters.

Privacy notice

With the Dynamics 365 Human Resources bot in Microsoft Teams, the user’s text inputs are analyzed for understanding the underlying query/intent. The user’s input such as “Search account Contoso” is routed to one of Microsoft’s Cognitive Service called Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS). Read more about LUIS here. The LUIS service disambiguates or understands the intent of user input (in this case, the intent is to find information) and the target entity (in this case, the intended entity is an account named Contoso). This information is then passed on to Microsoft’s Azure bot framework which interacts with data from Dynamics 365 Human Resources and retrieves the desired information for the user query.

By installing and allowing access to use of the bot, you agree to allow the LUIS service and Azure bot framework to process the intent behind the input, which results in an enhanced conversational user experience. The LUIS service and Azure bot framework may have varying levels of compliance compared to Dynamics 365 Human Resources. While the LUIS service has access to only the user queries and is not designed to be connected to the user’s Dynamics 365 Human Resources data or account, a user of the Dynamics 365 Human Resources bot could voluntarily enter a query containing Customer Data, Personal Data, or other data and such query content could get sent to the LUIS service and the Azure bot framework.

The content of user’s queries and messages is retained in LUIS system for a maximum of 30 days, is encrypted at rest, and is not used for training or service improvement. Read more about Cognitive Services here.

To manage admin settings for apps in Microsoft Teams, go to the Microsoft Teams admin center.

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