Overview of Dynamics 365 Product Visualize

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Dynamics 365 Product Visualize empowers salespersons to showcase large and highly customizable products in a real-world environment. This helps create a shared understanding between buyer and seller to accelerate complex sales processes. In industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive, where products are often complex and highly configurable or simply too cumbersome to carry around, product visualization is key. It builds a buyer's confidence early in the sales process, so costly change orders are reduced, and customer satisfaction is higher.

To work with Product Visualize, Product Visualize Hub app must be set up by an administrator. A salesperson can then configure the Product Visualize Hub app to add products and create mixed-reality sessions. Multiple 3D models of a product can be added and shown to the customers. The mixed-reality sessions, products, and 3D models are then visible in the Dynamics 365 Product Visualize iOS app.

Using the Dynamics 365 Product Visualize iOS app, salespersons can show products to customers in their real-world environment. Spatial and configuration notes are all saved directly within the associated mixed reality session. Because sales tasks commonly involve more than just one individual, salespersons can leverage session content directly in Microsoft Teams to improve internal collaboration and deliver customer-oriented solutions that are critical to accelerating the sales process.

Dynamics 365 Product Visualize makes use of the widely available Graphics Library Transmission Format (glTF) to store model data. Many of the most popular 3D modeling products used by engineering and marketing teams already support this format, and several exporting tools can convert other file formats to glTF. The GLB format is the binary version of .glTF version 2.0, which can include textures.


Animated models are not fully supported.

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