Add a note to a 3D model in Dynamics 365 Product Visualize

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

You can capture notes on specific points on a 3D model in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Visualize, and even add text or draw on the notes. For example, when you're in the field with a customer, you can capture any required product changes directly on the model. Any notes you create are saved in Common Data Service.

To review notes attached to a model, tap any spatial anchor on the model. Anchors on the front of the model appear as blue circles with white outlines. Anchors on the back appear as blurred circles with transparent outlines. For a model and note that's off the screen, a "note bubble" points in the direction of the model and note. See the table below for information about how these notes appear.

You can also browse through your notes by swiping the notes at the bottom of the screen. The corresponding spatial anchor is activated on the model as you swipe.

The following table shows how notes appear on the model, depending on where the note is located.

Note on front of the model Note on back of the model Note and model off the screen
Note on front of model Note on back of model Note and model off the screen

Add a note

  1. Place the model as described in Place and manipulate 3D models, and then select Notes from the right side of the screen.

    Select Notes

  2. Select Add Note.

    Select Add Note

  3. Select Photo to take a picture of the model, or select Camera Roll if you want to use a photo already stored on your device.

    Select Photo

  4. Do one or both of the following:

    a. Optional: To draw on the screen, select a color and start drawing. For example, draw an arrow to call out a particular part of the model.

    b. Required: To add text, tap Add caption in the notes box at the bottom of the screen, and then enter the text you want. When you're finished adding text, select Next.

    Draw or add text


    If you're not happy with the picture, select Replace to redo the capture or select a different picture from your camera roll. When you select Replace, text you entered is retained, but any drawings are lost.

  5. Tap the model where you want to place the note.

    Tap on model

  6. Select Finish when you're done.

View the notes attached to a model

  1. After placing the model, select Notes on the right side of the screen.

  2. Tap a blue dot to open a specific note, or swipe right or left in the notes browser at the bottom of the screen to go forward or backward between notes.


    If you want to see a larger view of the notes, which is useful if you can't see all the text in the notes card, tap the expand arrow in the upper-right corner of the notes card or flick up. Then you can use the scroll bar in the notes card to move through the text.

    Expand notes button

Delete a note

  1. Select Notes on the right side of the screen.

  2. Select the Overflow menu Overflow menu button in the upper-right corner of the notes card.

  3. Select Delete Note.

    Delete a note

Change how your notes are shared with other apps

By default, your notes are saved to the SharePoint account associated with your Dynamics 365 Sales account. By default, Dynamics 365 Product Visualize also sends your notes to your Dynamics 365 Sales timeline and any connected Microsoft Teams channel.

To turn off sharing with the Dynamics 365 Sales timeline or Teams channels:

  1. Select the Main menu button Main menu, and then select the account you're signed in to.

  2. Under Note Output Options, move the sliders to the off position for the options you want to turn off.

    Note Output Options

Export a note

You can export your notes to share them with other apps on your device that support the iOS sharing function. The notes image and text are exported without any special formatting.

To export a note:

  1. Select Notes on the right side of the screen.

  2. Select the Overflow menu Overflow menu button in the upper-right corner of the notes card.

  3. In the Options dialog box, select Export note.

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