Apply updates to an on-premises deployment

This topic explains how to apply supported updates to an on-premises deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition. All updates to on-premises environments are done through Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS).

Update types

Three types of updates can be applied to an on-premises deployment of Finance and Operations:

  • Customizations
  • Application X++ hotfixes that are released by Microsoft
  • Platform updates


At this time, application binary updates can't be applied to an on-premises environment.


Before you apply any updates to an on-premises environment, save the configuration settings that were used to deploy that environment. When you apply updates, you must re-enter the configuration settings. For more information, see Redeploy an on-premises environment.

Apply code customizations

To apply customizations at the same time that you deploy a new on-premises environment, follow the steps in Develop and deploy custom models to on-premises environments. To apply new customizations to an on-premises environment that has already been deployed, follow these steps.

  1. In LCS, open the on-premises implementation project.
  2. Under Environments, select Delete to delete the application for the environment. This step cleans up the environment and removes any code that is deployed. The on-premises agent, the data, and the infrastructure aren't affected when the application is deleted.

    Delete an application

  3. Select Configure to re-deploy by using a new application and custom code.

  4. In the advanced settings of the deployment configuration, select the application deployable package to apply, and then select Done to continue with the environment deployment process.

Find and apply application hotfixes

There are two ways to find application hotfixes that are available:

  • Issue search in Lifecycle Services – For more information about Issue search, see Issue search.
  • Application X++ hotfix tiles – For cloud-hosted environments, the Environment details page shows all hotfixes that are applicable to the environment, based on the version that is currently deployed. However, the tile functionality isn't available for on-premises environments. Therefore, to see the list of applicable hotfixes, you should maintain a cloud-hosted development environment that is the same version as the on-premises sandbox or production environment. Note that this approach is recommended only for X++ hotfixes, not for any other type of update.

Follow these steps to apply a hotfix.

  1. Download the required hotfix to your development environment, and then follow the steps in Create a deployable package.
  2. In the Asset library in LCS, upload the deployable package to the Software deployable packages tab.
  3. As when you apply code customizations, you can include the above deployable package as an asset when you deploy an environment. To apply the package to a new environment or an environment that was previously deployed, follow the steps in the "Apply code customizations" section of this topic.

Apply the latest platform update

There are two ways to apply the latest platform update:

  • Deploy a new environment, and select the latest platform update topology during deployment. Then follow the usual steps for deploying an environment.
  • To update an existing environment with the latest update, you must redeploy the environment. For detailed information about redeploying, see Redeploy an on-premises environment.