Log premier support tickets using Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services

This topic shows how Microsoft Premier customers can submit a support incident for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition by using Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS).

  1. In LCS, use the Support tile to manage support incidents. To submit issues directly to Microsoft, go to the Support tile in your LCS project. Support menu

  2. On the Support issues tab, select Submitted to Microsoft. Submitted to Microsoft

  3. To create a new incident, click the Submit an incident button. Submit an incident

  4. Select the contract type. If you select Premier, this will require an access code and password, which is provided by your contact on the Premier support team. Contract type

  5. Before you submit an incident, use the Issue Search tool to search for the issue and ensure that it is not reported yet. Enter a description of the issue and click Search. Issue search

  6. If the issue that you experience is not listed in the Issue search tool, click Create incident to create a new incident. Create incident

  7. In the Select support contract window, select your support contract. Click Continue. Support contract

  8. In the Select severity window, select the issue severity level. Selecting Severity level A will redirect you to a page that has the Premier support phone number, which you will need to call to report the issue. Severity issues B and C can be reported by continuing with this wizard. Severity C issue

  9. In the Enter issue details window, describe the issue in detail. In the Tell us more field provide detailed repro steps of the issue, the result that you’re getting, and what result you expect to get. It’s also a good idea to attach screenshots that illustrate the problem, to do this, use Attach file from computer. Attach a file

  10. In the Share diagnostic data window, select the environment where the issue is occurring. Share diagnostic data

  11. In the Enter contact details window, enter your contact details. These contact details will be used by Support to contact you about the case. Enter contact details

  12. Review the incident details, and then click Submit to create an incident. Submit the case