EF Core releases and planning

Stable releases

Release Target framework Supported until Links
EF Core 3.1 .NET Standard 2.0 December 3, 2022 (LTS) Announcement
EF Core 3.0 .NET Standard 2.1 March 3, 2020 Announcement / Breaking changes
EF Core 2.2 .NET Standard 2.0 Expired December 23, 2019 Announcement
EF Core 2.1 .NET Standard 2.0 August 21, 2021 (LTS) Announcement
EF Core 2.0 .NET Standard 2.0 Expired October 1, 2018 Announcement
EF Core 1.1 .NET Standard 1.3 Expired June 27 2019 Announcement
EF Core 1.0 .NET Standard 1.3 Expired June 27 2019 Announcement

See supported platforms for information about the specific platforms supported by each EF Core release.

See the .NET support policy for information on support expiration and long-term support (LTS) releases.

Guidance on updating to new releases

  • Supported releases are patched for security and other critical bugs. Always use the latest patch of a given release. For example, for EF Core 2.1, use 2.1.14.
  • Major version updates (for example, from EF Core 2 to EF Core 3) often have breaking changes. Thorough testing is advised when updating across major versions. Use the breaking changes links above for guidance on dealing with breaking changes.
  • Minor version updates do not typically contain breaking changes. However, thorough testing is still advised since new features can introduce regressions.

EF Core 5.0

EF Core releases align with the .NET Core shipping schedule. The next planned stable release is EF Core 5.0, scheduled for November 2020.

A high-level plan for EF Core 5.0 has been created by following the documented release planning process.

Your feedback on planning is important. The best way to indicate the importance of an issue is to vote (thumbs-up) for that issue on GitHub. This data will then feed into the planning process for the next release.

Get it now!

EF Core 5.0 packages are available now as daily builds.

Using the daily builds is a great way to find issues and provide feedback as early as possible. The sooner we get such feedback, the more likely it will be actionable before the next official release. We work hard to keep the daily builds in good shape by running over 55,000 tests per platform for each build.

Preview packages will be shipped to NuGet later in the year.