Recipients in Exchange Online

In Exchange Online, the new Exchange admin center (EAC) is introduced to enhance the user experience. The new EAC has a different look and feel than the Classic EAC. The user mailboxes and shared mailboxes tabs under Recipients of the Classic EAC are now merged into a single Mailboxes tab in the new EAC. On clicking the Mailboxes tab, you can view the shared and user mailboxes under one list view. The Migration tab is no longer under Recipients, but instead is available as a separate feature. For more information, see Exchange admin center in Exchange Online.

Managing recipients in Exchange Online

Although the new EAC has a different look and feel, managing Exchange Online recipients in the new EAC is similar to managing recipients in the classic EAC. For more information about managing some of the different types of recipients in Exchange Online, see the following articles:

To find information about message and recipient limits in Exchange Online, check out the new topic at Exchange Online Limits.