FastTrack Center Benefit Overview

With FastTrack Center Benefit for Office 365, you work remotely with FastTrack Specialists to get your Office 365 environment ready for use and plan rollout and usage within your organization. To learn more about eligibility, see FastTrack Center Benefit for Office 365.

We cover the following topics:

Your Office 365 tenant is created at the completion of onboarding. Licensed users can access Office 365 by using one of the following identity options:

  • Cloud identities with unique Office 365 accounts.

  • Synchronized Identities with Office 365 accounts synchronized from your on-premises Active Directory with Azure Active Directory Connect (Password Hash Sync or Pass-through Authentication). These are for customers with:

    • A single Active Directory forest environment.
    • Supported multi-forests Active Directory topology. For supported topologies, see Source Environment Expectations.
  • Federated identities with Office 365 accounts that are:

    • Synchronized from Active Directory with the Azure Active Directory Connect tool for customers with:
      • A single Active Directory forest configuration.
      • A single Active Directory account forest (also known as a "logon forest") and a single Active Directory resource forest configuration.
    • Configured with an on-premises Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) infrastructure which is:
      • Federated with a Windows Server 2012 R2 onward AD FS role from your on-premises Active Directory.
      • When required, a Windows Server 2012 R2 onward Windows Application Proxy (WAP) role used to publish your on-premises AD FS infrastructure to the internet.


      AD FS and WAP deployment and configuration is done using the Azure AD Connect configuration wizard from your on-premises environment.

  • Licensed users can now access Eligible Services and Plans.