Status, reason, and error codes

The Profile Container and the Office Container set three values that represent the state of Profile Container or Office Container:

  • Status
  • Reason
  • Error

Profile Container stores error values here: HKLM\Software\FSLogix\Profiles\Sessions<UserSID>

FSLogix Office Container stores error values in two places: HKLM\Software\Policies\FSLogix\ODFC\Sessions<UserSID> and HKCU\Software\FSLogix\ODFC\Sessions

If Status is zero, the system is in a working state and Reason will reflect the state. For example, if Status and Reason are both zero, then the FSLogix Container is attached and working for this user.

Status Codes

Code Description Explanation
0 STATUS_SUCCESS The system is working as expected. Check Reason to see the state of the Profile.
1 STATUS_ERROR The system is in an error state.
2 STATUS_ERROR_VIRT_DLL The DLL that provides the Virtual Disk API ("virtdisk.dll") cannot be found.
3 STATUS_ERROR_GET_USER Unable to get the user SID from the user token.
5 STATUS_ERROR_SECURITY A security API failed.
6 STATUS_ERROR_VHD_PATH There was an error determining the path to the VHD/X file.
7 STATUS_ERROR_CREATE_DIR There was an error creating a directory.
8 STATUS_ERROR_IMPERSONATION There was an error impersonating the user.
9 STATUS_ERROR_CREATE_VHD There was an error creating the VHD/X file.
10 STATUS_ERROR_CLOSE_HANDLE There was an error closing a handle.
11 STATUS_ERROR_OPEN_VHD There was an error opening the VHD/X file.
12 STATUS_ERROR_ATTACH_VHD There was an error attaching the VHD/X.
13 STATUS_ERROR_GET_PHYSICAL_PATH There was an error getting the physical path of the virtual disk.
14 STATUS_ERROR_OPEN_DEVICE There was an error opening the device.
15 STATUS_ERROR_INIT_DISK There was an error initializing the disk.
16 STATUS_ERROR_GET_VOL_GUID There was an error retrieving the volume GUID.
17 STATUS_ERROR_FORMAT_VOL There was an error formatting the volume.
18 STATUS_ERROR_GET_PROFILE_DIR Unable to determine the user's profile directory.
19 STATUS_ERROR_SET_MOUNT_POINT There was an error creating a junction in the file system.
20 STATUS_ERROR_REG_IMPORT There was an error importing registry data.
21 STATUS_ERROR_CHK_GRP_MEMBERSHIP There was an error checking group membership for the user.
22 STATUS_ERROR_HANDLE_PROFILE There was an error trying to determine the profile type.
23 STATUS_ERROR_PROFILE_SUBFOLDER_REDIRECTION There was an error processing the redirections.xml file.
100 STATUS_WAITING_FOR_PROFILE_DIR_SET The VHD/X is attached and ready. The system is waiting for the Windows Profile Service to begin creation of the user's profile.
200 STATUS_IN_PROGRESS The FSLogix Profile system is currently working on setting up the profile.
300 STATUS_ALREADY_ATTACHED The FSLogix Profile was already attached for the user logging on. This only happens on a machine that has been configured to allow multiple, concurrent logons for the same user.

Reason Codes

Code Description Explanation
4 PROFILE_REASON_SHORT_SID The FSLogix system will not handle profiles for special users.
2 REASON_IN_BLACK_LIST The user is a member of the FSLogix Exclude group, and should therefore not receive a FSLogix Profile.
3 REASON_LOCAL_PROFILE_EXISTS A local profile for the user already exists.
1 REASON_NOT_IN_WHITE_LIST The user is not a member of the FSLogix Include group, and should therefore not receive a FSLogix Profile.
0 REASON_PROFILE_ATTACHED The FSLogix Profile has been attached and is working.

Error Codes

Usually when an FSLogix component is not working, Error will be set. When it is set, it corresponds to a standard Windows Error Code.