onlineMeeting resource type


APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported.

Contains information about the meeting, including the URL used to join a meeting, the attendees list, and the description.


Method Return Type Description
Create onlineMeeting onlineMeeting Create an online meeting.
Get onlineMeeting onlineMeeting Read the properties and relationships of an onlineMeeting object.


Property Type Description
autoAdmittedUsers String The setting that specifies the type of participants that will automatically be allowed into the online meeting. Read-only. Possible values are: everyone, everyoneInSameAndFederatedCompany, everyoneInCompany, invitedUsersInCompany, organizer
audioConferencing audioConferencing The phone access (dial-in) information for an online meeting. Read-only.
canceledDateTime DateTime The time in UTC when the meeting was canceled. Read-only.
chatInfo chatInfo The chat information associated with this online meeting.
creationDateTime DateTime The meeting creation time in UTC. Read-only.
startDateTime DateTime The meeting start time in UTC.
endDateTime DateTime The meeting end time in UTC.
id String The default ID associated with the online meeting. Read-only.
isCanceled Boolean Indicates whether the meeting has been canceled. Read-only.
joinUrl String The join URL of the online meeting. Read-only.
isBroadcast Boolean Indicates whether the meeting is a broadcast meeting.
participants meetingParticipants The participants associated with the online meeting. This includes the organizer and the attendees.
subject String The subject of the online meeting.
capabilities String collection The list of meeting capabilities. Possible values are: questionAndAnswer.
videoTeleconferenceId String The videio teleconferencing ID. Read-only.

autoAdmittedUsers values

Value Description
organizer Only the meeting organizer is admitted directly. Everyone else waits in the lobby, until admitted by the organizer
invitedUsersInCompany The meeting organizer and the users in the same company invited by the organizer join the meeting directly. Everyone else waits in lobby until admitted.
everyoneInCompany Everyone in the same company as the organizer join the meeting directly. Federated, anonymous users wait in lobby until admitted.
everyoneInSameAndFederatedCompany Everyone in same company as the organizer and federated companies join the meeting directly. Anonymous users wait in lobby until admitted.
everyone Any user is allowed, which means that everyone (including anonymous users) can join the meeting directly without waiting in lobby.

JSON representation

  "autoAdmittedUsers": "everyone | everyoneInSameAndFederatedCompany | everyoneInCompany | invitedUsersInCompany | organizer",
  "audioConferencing": {"@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.audioConferencing"},
  "canceledDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "chatInfo": {"@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.chatInfo"},
  "creationDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "endDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "isCanceled": false,
  "joinUrl": "String",
  "isBroadcast": false,
  "participants": {"@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.meetingParticipants"},
  "startDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "subject": "String",
  "capabilities": [ "questionAndAnswer" ],
  "videoTeleconferenceId": "String"