Create a Microsoft Graph client

The Microsoft Graph client is designed to make it simple to make calls to Microsoft Graph. You can use a single client instance for the lifetime of the application. For information about how to add and install the Microsoft Graph client package into your project, see Install the SDK.

The following code examples show how to create an instance of a Microsoft Graph client with an authentication provider in the supported languages. The authentication provider will handle acquiring access tokens for the application. Many different authentication providers are available for each language and platform. The different application providers support different client scenarios. For details about which provider and options are appropriate for your scenario, see Choose an Authentication Provider.

// Build a client application.
IPublicClientApplication publicClientApplication = PublicClientApplicationBuilder
// Create an authentication provider by passing in a client application and graph scopes.
DeviceCodeProvider authProvider = new DeviceCodeProvider(publicClientApplication, graphScopes);
// Create a new instance of GraphServiceClient with the authentication provider.
GraphServiceClient graphClient = new GraphServiceClient(authProvider);