How to validate your app protection policy setup

Validate that your app protection policy is correctly set up and working. This guidance applies to app protection policies in the Azure portal.

Checking for symptoms

Users are unlikely to report issues since app protection is a data protection tool. If there is a problem with the app protection configuration the user has unrestricted access, as they would have without app protection, and do not know that there is an issue. For this reason, we recommend that you validate your app protection configuration by piloting your app protection policies with a small group of users who can deliberately test the app protection restrictions.

What to check

If testing shows that your app protection policy behavior is not as anticipated, we recommend that you check these items:

  • Are the users licensed for app protection?
  • Are the users licensed for O365?
  • The status of each of the users' app protection apps. The possible statuses for the apps are Checked in and Not checked in.

User app protection status

  1. Sign into the Azure portal.

  2. Choose All services > Intune. Intune is located in the Monitoring + Management section.

  3. Choose Manage apps > Monitor > App protection status > Assigned users.

  4. Choose a user from the list, or search for and select a user, then choose Select user. At the top of the App reporting column, you can see whether the user is licensed for app protection. You can also see whether the user is licensed for O365 and the app status for all of the user's devices.

What to do

Here are the actions to take based on the user status:

  • If the user is not licensed for app protection, assign an Intune license to the user.
  • If the user is not licensed for O365 obtain a license for the user.
  • If a user's app is listed as Not checked in, check if you've correctly configured an app protection policy for that app.
  • Ensure that these conditions are applied across all users to which you want app protection policies to apply.

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