Publish a Kaizala Action

The Kaizala Management Portal provides a convenient location for you to import custom Kaizala Actions.

You will need an active Office365 Organizational subscription to access the Management Portal.

Import Kaizala Action

You can follow the below steps to submit your Action:

  • Navigate to the Kaizala Management Portal @
  • Log in using an existing Office365 account
  • Register a phone number on the portal by tapping on “Add a Phone Number”
  • Tap on "Actions" on the left menu
  • Tap on "Import Action"
  • Tap on "Accept" on 'Terms of use' page. You need to accept our 'Terms of use' for Kaizala Action SDK (if you have not already accepted it earlier)
  • Upload your zip package

All Kaizala Actions need to confirm to the guidelines to be eligible to be published to Kaizala clients.

Steps to publish an Action

  • Once your Action is successfully uploaded, it is available in draft state
  • You need to 'stage' the uploaded version in order to test & debug your Action
  • After you have tested your Action, you can 'Activate' the Action. Action moves to Active state

Read More about lifecycle of a Kaizala Action

Add Action to Group

You can add your Action to members of a specific group by following the below steps:

  • Navigate to the Action that you want to add. You would find a page in which all versions of the Action is listed.
  • Open the details page for the Action version which is in Active/Staged state
  • Click or Tap Add to groups
  • Select the group in which you want Action to publish. Choose the user roles, for which you would like the Action to be published for
  • Click or tap Publish


  1. Action in Staged/Active state only can be added to groups
  2. Staged Action can be added to groups only for whthose groups which Action creator is an Admin