Breaking Changes communication

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Managed Public groups can only be created using Tenant-level user token in 'Create Group' API

Impact Area APIs
Impact Summary Earlier Public group was allowed to be created without it being mapped to an Organization. Henceforth, Managed Public Groups can be created through 'Create group', only when tenant-level user token is used in API. Read here more for the process to generate user token
Date of Communication 06-06-2018
Date of Impact 22-06-2018

Validation of registered callBackUrl when webhook is created

Impact Area Webhooks
Impact Summary Going ahead, during creation of Webhook (POST /webhook), registered callBackUrl would be validated. After successful validation, a webhook would be created
Required Action Older Webhook subscriptions will continue to work beyond the Date of Impact. New Webhook subscription requests would require you to ensure your service follows the process mentioned here
Date of Communication 09-05-2018
Date of Impact 15-06-2018