API end-point to send messages to conversation groups inside Kaizala.

POST /messages

POST {endpoint-url}/v1/groups/{groupId}/messages

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Optional? Description
URL Path Parameter groupId String No GUID representing the groupId of the specific group resource
HTTP Header accessToken String No Access Token received from the auth end-point
HTTP Header Content-Type String No value: application/json

Request body

Parameter Type Optional? Description
message String No Text message to be sent (Max limit of 1000 Characters)
sendToAllSubscribers Bool Yes Default: false. Valid only in case the groupId belongs to a Public Group. True to send the text message to all subscribers which requires the token's user to be admin of the Public Group
subscribers String[] Yes Each element corresponds to a mobile number(with country code. Eg. +911999999999). Text message will be sent only to the selected subscribers. To be used for selective communication to subscribers in context of a Public Group

Sample JSON Request

  "message": "Hello All! Welcome to Kaizala.",
  "subscribers": ["+911999999999","+911999999998"]

Response body

Parameter Type Description
referenceId String GUID representing the successful completion of the request

Sample JSON Response

    "referenceId": "853654b2-5874-462d-b709-0c4e43a7083f"