Manage Excel templates

Excel templates empower users to create up-to-date Excel reports without needing knowledge of Excel formulas, charts, or pivot tables. Excel templates are created from a single view of Common Data Service data.

Templates can be opened in Excel online or downloaded and then opened locally in Excel. Templates allow users who would usually be unable to create these reports to easily use pre-made Excel documents with current data and empowers Excel users to create reports with current data instead of maintaining their own data outside the system.

To create a template, you must first select an entity and a view. Organizational templates must use system views; personal templates may use system views or personal views.

When the template is downloaded, the current results of the chosen view will be downloaded with it. Add columns and formulas as needed for the report. Use named columns and ranges in your formulas instead of column titles or cell numbers.

Use Excel pivot chart functionality to add charts and graphs to the document. All charts and graphs should be added above the existing table so that the elements are not overwritten as the number of rows in the data table changes in the future.

Organizational templates are uploaded in the settings area under templates. Personal templates are uploaded in the entity area where the related view can be found under the excel template node in the navigation.

For more information, please see Manage Excel templates.