As you can see, Mara and her team face a number of challenges. Although releases happen eventually, Mara feels they can happen much more frequently and efficiently.

Mara hopes she can convince the team it's at least worth testing out a DevOps approach. Perhaps they can apply a few DevOps practices as they finish up work on the Space Game website.

What is DevOps?

At this point, we haven't yet defined DevOps. We'll do that in the next module. But for now, think of DevOps as something that brings together people, processes and products, automating software delivery to provide continuous value to your users.

Azure DevOps is a suite of services that spans the entire DevOps life cycle. Azure DevOps starts with planning and goes all the way through deployment and monitoring. If you already have some pieces in place, you can select which services you want to use. Azure DevOps integrates with many tools, such as Jenkins.

We'll go deeper into Azure DevOps in future modules. You can also check out these resources: