Exercise - Use an existing button template to add a new Outlook task


This exercise shows you how to use an existing button template to add a new Outlook task rather than creating a button flow from blank, which you did earlier in this module.

This exercise uses the Create new Outlook Task template.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Power Automate and sign in.

  2. On the left vertical menu, select Templates.

  3. Below the Search templates... search box are several options such as All flows, Featured, Shared with me, and so on. Find and select the Button option.

    Screenshot of Search templates with the Button option selected.

  4. Find the Create new Outlook Task template and select it.

    Screenshot of the Create new Outlook task tile from the search results.

  5. Select sign in.

    A temporary authentication pop-up window might appear and require you to add your username and password.

  6. Select Create Flow.

    Your new flow will automatically be created.

  7. You can now test the button by using your smart phone. Open the app and select the Buttons option on the bottom horizontal menu. Select the Create new Outlook Task button.

  8. Add a task name and task description and then select Done, which is available on the upper-right side of the app.

    Mobile screenshot of Create new Outlook Task with the Done button highlighted.

  9. To confirm that the flow has run successfully, go to Outlook on your local machine and select the Task icon on the lower left of the screen.

  10. Verify that you see the new task.

    Screenshot of Outlook with the Using button task available in the Task list.