Configure financial dimension templates and sets

Financial dimension templates

Financial dimension templates can be used for common patterns that you use to distribute source document amounts.

Use the Financial dimension default templates page to create a template of percentage and financial dimension value combinations. The information in the template will be used to display default financial dimension values when you distribute source document amounts.

General ledger > Chart of accounts > Dimensions > Financial dimension default templates

Financial dimension template

Financial dimension sets

A financial dimension set contains either financial dimensions or financial dimension combinations. The main reason for a financial dimension set is for reporting purposes. You can report on multiple accounts and dimension combinations.

The financial dimension sets have several purposes. They are used to determine how reports and inquiries related to the general ledger are rendered. Financial dimension sets are also used to calculate balances during the posting process. Balances can also be scheduled for calculation or manually updated.

Balances are stored based on the financial dimension set and are calculated based on the option to calculate with posting or batch schedule. Financial dimension sets also drive the data displayed in the Trial balance list page.

The sequence in which financial dimension sets are considered in reporting effect how transactions are sorted, and fields are presented.

For example, the set Department and Cost center indicates that the Department dimension type is first and Cost center second. Therefore, the considered financial set is the composite of Department and Cost center. Department amounts are presented first, and Cost center amounts are presented second.

General ledger > Chart of accounts > Dimensions > Financial dimension sets

Financial dimension set

The defined financial dimension set can be used alone or in pairs when inquiring or reporting on financial transactions. The selection of a primary and secondary financial dimension set is considered when presenting the results.

The secondary financial dimension set details the figures of the primary dimension set. The selection of a secondary financial dimension set is limited to focus on those that do not share a dimension type with a primary dimension set.

Therefore, if the primary dimension set is the composite of Main account and Department, these cannot be select in the secondary financial set.