Main account categories

It's a good idea to link the main accounts to main account categories, to take advantage of the default financial reports without having to make any modifications. This allows you to quickly and easily design and maintain reports.

Main account categories can be used to better classify a general ledger account. Use main account categories primarily for grouping or selection of ledger accounts for Cubes and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). By default, over fifty ledger account categories are provided in the demo data of Finance.

General ledger > Chart of accounts > Accounts > Main account categories

Main Account Categories

The Main account category, Description, and Main account type values can be changed at any time for user-defined and default main account categories.

Close main account categories

To inactivate a main account category, including any of the default main account categories, select the Closed check box on the Main account categories page. If you try to close a main account category that is already linked to a main account, a warning message listing the linked main accounts is displayed. Select either Continue or Cancel. After a main account category is closed, it cannot be linked to main accounts.

A user-defined main account category can be deleted if it is not assigned for use with purchase requisitions on the Accounts payable Parameters page. No default ledger account categories can be deleted.