Configure grids


Editable Grids are special controls for editing select columns from a view without needing to open the specific row. This feature is available out of the box but must be added to the tables in customer engagement apps. Editable Grids are available to use in views and as subgrids placed on forms. You cannot create new rows via the editable grid; you may only use it to update existing rows. These controls use the custom control framework.

Data changes made within the Editable Grid will have the same effect on Workflows and Business Rules with a scope of table or All Forms as if the same data changes were made on the form. AutoSave will complete as the user moves on to the next row in the grid.

In order to use editable grids, you will need to explicitly enable the feature for each table and enable each subgrid on a form.

To enable the editable grids, you must first add the control on the table definition.

Add Control window with a red arrow pointing to the Add button.

Once enabled you can perform direct inline editing of rows for rows of that table type.

Screenshot showing direct inline editing.

In addition to the ability to edit rows from the grid, you can also group rows.

Screenshot showing red arrow pointed at expanded Group by drop down column.

To enable an editable subgrid on a form, you must start from the form where the subgrid is located. In our example below, we are looking at the Contact subgrid on the Account form.

Double-click on the subgrid to open its properties.

Screenshot of sub-grid properties with Contacts highlighted.

On the Controls tab, select Add Control.

Screenshot of Set Propeties with red arrow pointing at Add Control.

Select Editable Grid.

Screenshot of Add Control window with Editable Grid selected.

You will now have the same editable grid functionality available on the Contact subgrid on the Account form, including grouping. When the data changes from an editable subgrid are saved, the hosting form will not also execute a save. This means that the change that you made to the Contact row will save but another save will not fire on the Account row.

Screenshot showing group with row being edited in the grid.