Choose an account creation tool

There are several tools that create a storage account. Your choice is typically based on if you want a GUI and whether you need automation.

Available tools

The available tools are:

  • Azure Portal
  • Azure CLI (Command-line interface)
  • Azure PowerShell
  • Management client libraries

The portal provides a GUI with explanations for each setting. This makes the portal easy to use and helpful for learning about the options.

The other tools in the above list all support automation. The Azure CLI and Azure PowerShell let you write scripts, while the management libraries allow you to incorporate the creation into a client app.

How to choose a tool

Storage accounts are typically based on an analysis of your data, so they tend to be relatively stable. As a result, storage-account creation is usually a one-time operation done at the start of a project. For one-time activities, the portal is the most common choice.

In the rare cases where you need automation, the decision is between a programmatic API or a scripting solution. Scripts are typically faster to create and less work to maintain because there is no need for an IDE, NuGet packages, or build steps. If you have an existing client application, the management libraries might be an attractive choice; otherwise, scripts will likely be a better option.