As a lead developer at Contoso Beverage Distribution, you're responsible for building and maintaining a line-of-business app that lets your frontline distributors scan and upload images of the store shelves they are restocking.

You want to validate that any images posted by users respect the content rules set by your company. The company doesn't want inappropriate content posted to company sites.

You need to decide whether to build or buy a solution. Building a sophisticated image processing and analysis engine is costly. One alternative is to use the Computer Vision API from Microsoft. In this module, we'll explore the features offered by this API and call it to process some images.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Create a Cognitive Services account.
  • Get information about the visual content found in an image.
  • Generate a thumbnail of an image.
  • Detect and extract printed text from an image.
  • Detect and extract handwritten text from an image.