Evaluate the performance of the deployed Event Hub using the Azure portal

When using Event Hubs, you must monitor your hub to ensure that it's working as expected.

Continuing with the banking example, suppose you've deployed Azure Event Hubs and configured sender and receiver applications. Your applications are ready for testing the payment processing solution. The sender application collects customer's credit card data, and the receiver application verifies the credit card is valid. Because of the sensitive nature of your employer's business, it's essential your payment processing is robust and reliable, even when it's temporarily unavailable.

Evaluate your Event Hub by testing that your Event Hub is processing data as expected. The metrics available in the Event Hubs allow you to ensure that it's working fine.

How do you use the Azure portal to view your Event Hub activity?

The Azure portal > Overview page for your Event Hub shows message counts. These message counts represent the data (events) received and sent by the Event Hub. You can choose the timescale for viewing these events.

Screenshot of the Azure portal displaying the Event Hub namespace with message counts.

How can you test Event Hub resilience?

Azure Event Hubs keeps received messages from your sender application even when the hub is unavailable. Messages received before the hub become unavailable are successfully transmitted to our application as soon as the hub becomes available.

To test this functionality, you can use the Azure portal to disable your Event Hub.

When you re-enable your Event Hub, you can rerun your receiver application and use Event Hubs metrics for your namespace to check whether all sender messages are successfully transmitted and received.

Other useful metrics available in the Event Hubs include:

  • Throttled Requests: The number of throttled requests because the throughput exceeded unit usage.
  • ActiveConnections: The number of active connections on a namespace or Event Hub.
  • Incoming/Outgoing Bytes: The number of bytes sent to/received from the Event Hubs service over a specified period.


The Azure portal provides message counts and other metrics that you can use as a health check for your Event Hubs.