Create a Flip account and your first group


Create your free Flip account with your Microsoft or Google credentials. Upon signing in, you'll be prompted to create your first group. A group is your learning community (think: your classroom, class period, PLC, book club). You can create as many groups as you want, so there's no limit to the communities you engage.

Photo of a Microsoft Surface with a Flip group "Science Hour 4" shown.

Groups allow participants to join a discussion with multiple topics. To create a group, simply:

  • Set details such as group name and a fun cover image
  • Add students via manage members
  • Choose how often you would like to be notified about responses.

 And that's it!

Screenshot of Create Group screen: Edit theme, Group name, Group status.

When creating a group for students in your class, choose from the following permissions:

  • Email or Domain: If your students use a school email, choose this option to allow only those within your school domain to access the topic. After entering your join code, students will authenticate using their school email.
  • Username: If your students don't have a school email, choose this option to create a class list. After entering the join code, each student will authenticate using a unique code. (It can be as simple as any 2+ alphanumeric identifier that you decide.) You can also print unique QR codes for each student so all they need to do is scan to enter.
  • Google Classroom: If you're already using Google Classroom, authenticate into that account and import your class roster. Students will sign in with their Google Classroom account.

Screenshot of Flip permissions: Add students via student email, student username, or Google Classroom.

Learn more about how to manage members!