At work, employees need technology that improves productivity, teamwork, and creativity, so that they can connect with the people and resources they need, wherever they go. Because 50 percent of the workforce will be mobile by 2020, it is critical to provide devices that enable employees to connect easily, no matter their location. Meanwhile, IT departments want to ensure their devices are efficiently deployed, managed, and secured. Organizations need to address the technology expectations of today's workforce to attract and retain the best talent, meeting the needs of both IT and users to ensure security and productivity.

Surface for Business devices are designed for organizations to make the most of their Microsoft 365 investment, creating synergy by running software on hardware it's integrated with, to bring out the best in the modern workplace.

In this module, you will learn to:

  • Explain how hardware and software working together, for example Microsoft 365 on Surface, can help achieve more.
  • Identify how Surface for Business devices enhance employee experiences.
Icon indicating play video Watch the video below to learn about the employee experience challenges that organizations face today.

As you saw in the video, providing a productive and engaging work environment where people can work naturally, wherever they are located, and where teams can collaborate with seamless technology, is crucial to attract and retain employees.

Next, we'll explore the ways running Microsoft 365 software on Surface for Business hardware gives teams the experience they need to be collaborative and creative.