Knowledge check


You're planning API Management policies for your board games company. You have three APIs:

  • The Board Pricing API. You manufacture boards of various sizes for partner companies to use with their games. Those partners can use this API to request a price estimate for manufacturing boards of different sizes.
  • The Stock Management API. Your staff uses a mobile app that calls this API to determine the stock level of your company's games.
  • The Sales API. The website uses this API to place orders from customers for your company's games.

You've added the Stock Management API and the Sales API to an API Management product named Sales.

For the Board Pricing API, you want to make sure that all responses are sent in XML, even though developers have written some operations to generate JSON text. The mobile app expects responses in XML, and the website expects responses in JSON.

Knowledge check


Which policy would you use to ensure that the Board Pricing API sends all its responses in XML format?


Where would you configure your policy to ensure XML responses?


What scope would you use for the policy that ensures XML responses?