Work with data sets


Once your data sets have been defined and saved for the first time, the data source will begin to ingest the data. During the refresh process, any data set in the data source will be refreshed. The refresh status of your data sources is visible from the Data Sources page. From Data Sources, you'll see the name of each ingested data source, the number of entities (data sets) it contains, and the last time the data was refreshed for that data source and the status of the data source.

Data source names, the number of entities, and last data refresh.

There are multiple statuses that can be displayed for a data source:

  • Successful: Date source was successfully ingested. A time will be mentioned in the Refreshed column.

  • Not Started: The data source has no data ingested yet or is still in draft mode.

  • Refreshing: Data ingestion is in progress. You can cancel this operation by selecting Stop refreshing in the Actions column. Stopping the refresh of a data source will revert it to its last refresh state.

  • Failed: Data ingestion ran into errors.

  • Canceled: The data refresh operation was canceled.

A data source can be manually refreshed by selecting the data source and selecting the refresh icon. If you want to make changes to data sources, select the data source name and select the edit (pencil) icon to make changes to your data source. Depending on the type of data source you're working with, the screen you're taken to will vary. If you import the data using Power Query, you'll be taken back to the Power Query editor to make any necessary changes. If you Leveraged either Common Data Model or Microsoft Dataverse, you'll be taken into the connection screen, where you can walk through the previous steps and modify them as required. To delete a data source, select the data source and choose Delete.


You cannot delete a data source if it's being used in the unified customer profile, in activities, measures, etc. You will need to remove the reference to it from those items before it can be removed from the system.

Review ingested data

The first time you ingest data from a data source, it's possible the data load will take some time. After the data has been successfully ingested, it can be reviewed from the Entities page. You can access an entity page from the entities section and selecting the item you want to view. The entity will display both the data that was ingested from the entity, and the fields that are included in the entity.

Screenshot of Entities view with Users available.

For more information, see Audience Insights Entities.

Now that you have data successfully ingested into Audience Insights, let's examine some of the different options for keeping the data current.